Frequently Asked Questions


Q1: How long can I finish this project?
A1: Assembly takes 3-5 hours. Which means soon you can show off to your friends and family or as a gift for them.

Q2: Can I finish it if I never done this before?
A2: No problem! Our detailed tutorial video is easy to follow.

Q3: How should I get the tutorial video?
A3: Tap the button below to start a WhatsApp chat, or email at
Please provide your order number, so as to send you the correct tutorial video.


Q4: Can you make a custom order?
A4: No problem! We only offer personalization on our products. We encourage you to submit ideas for new products here. If we finally accept your suggestion, you will receive a gift card and a finished product.

Q5: How do you carve customized logo into the handmade bag?
A5:We usually use laser to engrave words (e.g. name,vows, etc.) and images, that can be used to celebrate special days or to give unique gifts.
PS:  Our carving is permanent and never fades. If you need, you can contact us!


Q6: Can you sculpt pictures or logos?
A6:For personal and corporate gifts, we are happy to provide picture carving and more complex designs.
We have worked with small boutiques, restaurants, etc. Our clients often customise logos as corporate gifts or charity events.

Q7: How fast is shipping?
A7: Most of the orders will be deliverd in 6-14 days after being processed.
Please tap the button below to view the detail of shipping policy.


Q8: Do I need to pay for the customs fees or VAT?
A8: No! We will prepay the customs fees.
And the prices are inclusive of VAT.
So you don't need to pay anymore!