Enjoy the whole DIY sewing process and miss the love time!

Handsewgift, a leather and accessories brand that loves adventure and is committed to choosing a simpler lifestyle. It has been representing artisans since launching six self-designed bag making kits in 2020.

Today HANDSEWGIFT offers high quality DIY bags, purses and handicrafts ,as well as help you sew beautiful, handmade leather totes, backpacks, shoulder bags, cross-body bags, purses at home. Each piece of craft has a unique and magnificent story. We were tired of fast fashion and wanted to create something that we could enjoy our time and relieve stress and emotions.

Simple customization set off an earth-shaking love story

One of our co-founders fell madly in love with her high school friend (a classic love story, uh!) but didn't have the courage to admit (we all went this way before, didn't we?!). Whenever he stand in front of her, the uncontrollable trembling and shyness make him unable to say some romantic strike-ups. So we thought of a way for him to turn to gifts. But what gift will make her say "yes"? There is a tricky question here, guys! a bouquet of roses? - "out-of-date"! A piece of clothing? -"Oh my God"-No! a pair of pants? ——"Are you crazy!" If she sees someone wearing the same clothes or pants, "She will kill me"! Oh right, jewelry? -"Come on, she will get bored after a while." This definitely makes us very nervous! Finally, We came up with an idea for a personalized gift, which was to carve her name into a handmade bag. When he stood in front of her, the uncontrollable trembling made him intermittently say that long-awaited line. The ending was perfect and the two became lovers, and we also gained the experience of chasing girls!

Our mission

The mission of Handsewgift is to bring precious interpersonal relationships into our designs and deliver powerful messages of family love, friendship, loyalty and more. You can say the unspeakable words to those who are important to you through our personalized products, let them move or illuminate their lives, we are fully confident to do this! Looking for the most unique, lasting, and meaningful gift for someone's special day? You have come to the right place! In this case, a personalized gift is worth a thousand words, do you agree?

Our achievements

Since the establishment in 2020, Handsewgift has rejected mass production, aiming to meet the individual requirements of each customer. This is why we have been in contact with more than 500,000 customers in just 2 years of establishment and development. Among them, 95% of customers are very satisfied with the quality of our handmade bags. We strive to provide the best products, but all this is also attributed to our dear customers. Explore our "Happy Customers" to learn more about the reasons why customers love it!


Free step by step tutorial video. Even a green hand could sew a perfect bag. Whether a gift for you or a gift for someone else, HANDSEWGIFT have something for you. Perfect for sewing lovers.

Whether a gift for you or a gift for someone else, HANDSEWGIFT has something for you. Perfect for sewing lovers.